Emojis: New list includes a redhead at last

Jo Lloyd
February 8, 2018

There will be a lobster emoji available for use later this year, thanks to the crustacean's best advocate, Sen.

Emojipedia, the self-proclaimed emoji search engine that keeps the world up-to-date on all the latest emoji, made a nice 2-minute video showing off the more than 150 emoji that will be added to iPhones everywhere "in the second half of 2018". King tweeted thanks to The Unicode Consortium for "recognizing the impact of this critical crustacean, in ME and across the country". He even signed the tweet with a cow emoji and a crown emoji, seemingly representing his name "Angus King". The consortium is accepting submissions with renderings through the end of March. Other notable new emoji include a hot face (to enhance the often-abused flushed face), a woozy face for when you feel like making your intentions particularly vague, and male and female superheroes.

King, who has been known to sport a lobster tie on the Senate floor, had pushed the consortium to approve the emoji so that "people who fish, process, serve, eat, or otherwise admire the lobster can accurately express themselves in emoji form".

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit governing body responsible for determining which emojis get added each year, announced in a blog post Wednesday that the lobster will be released this year.

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