When is the Fortnite season 3 Battle Pass release date?

Jo Lloyd
February 22, 2018

Specifically, it's shared the improvements to building that it's making for Battle Royale and Save the World, including some new options that should create a more pleasant experience all around. The unveiling planned for next month will also allow fans their first chance to see the new play area.

Ahead of the Fortnite season 3 release date, Epic Games gave a rundown of how to purchase the latest Battle Pass. As you play, you'll progress through the various reward tiers and collect more loot.

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Aside from the fact that Epic Games have not yet provided an official start time for Season 3, there is another obstacle to overcome.

But don't worry; the challenges stack, meaning you won't be obliged to complete them before the new challenges arrive, and anyone who buys the Battle Pass slightly later will have access to all the old challenges. "Have you finished your Battle Pass yet?" Levelling up, effectively, will get you new outfits, weekly challenges, and more.

Epic didn't say exactly when season three would kick off but with season two ending today (February 20), the wait likely won't be very long (perhaps as early as tomorrow).

All that we know so far is that the game will be transitioning from a medieval theme to more of a space age theme. Even with the added tiers, gamers should be able to complete the pass in about the same amount of time as it took to get through season two (typically between 75 and 150 hours).

According to game developer Epic Games, it has received feedback from users that many players are able to exploit this weapon, which was originally created to have a long reload time to balance out its high damage. You can buy new emotes, outfits, gliders, banners, and other cosmetic items for the in-game currency of 150 V-Bucks each, or you can unlock them the old-fashioned way, through gameplay.

Of course. You can expect a whole assortment of game updates to come into force with the new 3.0.0 patch.

However, it's worth noting that most Fortnite updates require the game to go offline for server maintenance.

Developers also plan to experiment with larger team modes and games where players have less time between each circle.

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