Mario Tennis Aces launches this June on Nintendo Switch

Jo Lloyd
March 10, 2018

Here's some more information on Mario Tennis Aces as well as a release date.

A rather lengthy presentation detailed the gameplay changes made including the "zone shot" that lets you take your time and aim a shot (hopefully out of reach of your opponent). More details regarding the pre-launch tournament, including official dates and times, will be announced sometime in the future.

To participate in the Mario Tennis Aces free online tournament, players will need to hold a Nintendo Account.

However, you're not completely helpless if you're on the receiving end of a Zone Shot. A broken racket will result in a K.O. You also have Zone speed, which will slow down time for a short while.

Players will be able to use the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller for standard controls but will also be able to swing the Joy-Cons and use motion controls should they choose. Lastly, a special edition of Octopath Traveler was revealed to have the base game, a popup book with all eight main characters, a selective soundtrack, a map, and a collector's coin. Wii U has already been a platform to Mario Tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash which were released in November 2015 on. Also, on March 31st, there will be a global "test punch", a demo event which will last for three days. Majority also have a release date which is great news.

Arms is getting an online tournament for the U.S. and Canada. The prelims will take place in the game's online ranked mode from March 8 - 18, and best eight players from each region will move on to the finals.

Splatoon 2 will also be getting its first ever DLC, Octo Expansion.

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The broadcast also announced that Nintendo members can exchange gold points for games via

Sequel to the cult classics, No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 on the Nintendo Wii sees a release on the Nintendo Switch. "Super Smash Bros." is coming back.

That's everything that was shown off during this Nintendo Direct.

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