Microsoft Debuts New AI Platform in Windows 10

Jo Lloyd
March 8, 2018

From this one can collect light that Windows 10 S that launched last May would not continue in its now existing form of a discrete version of the operating system.

Previous reports have suggested that the S Mode will simply lock down a copy of Windows 10 so that it's only capable of running apps from the Microsoft Store which is what Windows 10 S did in the first place.

Microsoft is as well planning to introduce the S Mode for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and the Pro versions of the OS.

The restriction on apps is meant to make devices more secure and stable, especially when they are loaned out to students. It's possible we'll see more Windows 10 S hardware continue to trickle out in 2018, before Microsoft starts advertising an nearly identically named - but substantially different - product. The majority of Windows 10 S products have been low-priced PCs aimed at education, where the ability to lockdown the platform is a welcome control for administrators. It does appear that some features of Sets, as Microsoft calls its tabs, will appear in the next Windows 10 update later this year.

Microsoft said the new privacy settings will roll out to customers with the next Windows 10 update this spring. In addition, Windows 10 Pro users having the mode enabled will need to pay $49 for acquiring access to the full version of the 10 Pro. Just 10 months after announcing the new operating system, Microsoft on Tuesday evening confirmed that it is being scrapped next year. Tabs in File Explorer has been a much-requested feature in Windows for years, and a lot of users will be pleased to see the addition of tabs in Windows later this year.

Microsoft is touting that this platform will provide apps with low-latency processing by using local capabilities to deliver real-time results. The confirmation came from Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore on Twitter.

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