Nun involved in lawsuit with Katy Perry dies in courtroom

Toby Graves
March 11, 2018

Upon learning of this, the nuns from The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary claimed the LA Archdiocese didn't have the rights to sell the Los Feliz convent to Perry for $14.5 million.

"We extend our prayers today to the Immaculate Heart of Mary community and to all her friends and loved ones".

However, in 2016, a judge ruled the sale to the entrepreneur was invalid.

They defended Hollister, who wanted to turn the 20,000 square-foot property into a boutique hotel with the nun's blessing, but has now been forced to declare bankruptcy.

The nuns lived in the convent from the early 1970s until 2011 and say they are the rightful owners of the property. The nun also implored Perry to "please stop" pursuing the purchase of the property.

The case was already awarded to Perry and the Archdiocese in December, with a judge ordering both parties their split of a $10 million sum.

Pop star Katy Perry spent more than $2 million fighting a group of elderly nuns for the ability to purchase their former convent.

The case involved the sale of an 8-acre convent in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, and the legal battle over which of two parties was entitled to buy it.

At one point Perry, who began her career as a Christian singer, reportedly met with the nuns and attempted to sway them by singing gospel songs.

"We asked her to save us, to buy the property". And last December, a jury ordered that Hollister pay nearly $10 million in compensatory damages to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Perry for interfering in the Archdiocese's sale of the property to the "Swish Swish" singer.

"It's not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people". During the height of the court battle, Holzman had said that Katy "represents everything we don't believe in", adding that it would be a "sin" to sell her the property.

In fact, the Sisters say, the case never should have gone to local court in the first place.

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