Rex Tillerson cancels day's events in Kenya over illness

Larry Hoffman
March 11, 2018

He announced fierce resistance to Kenyatta's rule that culminated in his mock swearing in as the "people's president" on January 30 at a public park in Nairobi.

For many observers, the historical divisions between the Kenyatta and Odinga dynasties and the ethnic groups they represent cloud the promise of Kenya's democracy.

Both Kenyatta and Odinga had said in a joint statement that they agreed to establish a new office staffed by advisers.

In what is seen as an about turn to the stand he and his co-principals took when they lashed out at Odinga for what they termed as the highest act of betrayal, Musyoka said he has been championing for dialogue since past year.

Khilaafka ka dhashay Doorashadii Kenya ayaa la sheegay in ay ku dhinteen 150 qof.

The two, therefore, are a good example of leaders who share the same fate and will seemingly end up on the same side after every political period.

Known for his anti-Jubilee policies, Koigi is popular for his scathing attacks and condemnations against the government, a characteristic also shared by the former Prime Minister.

Miguna, whose deportation was ruled illegal by Kenya's High Court, said in his statement that he would return to Kenya on March 26 "to continue the struggle for electoral justice...." "And, hopefully we can progress from this".

The meeting, whose agenda was not disclosed, renewed a friendship between the leaders. "The United States looks forward to supporting the process that was announced this morning to bring the country together, and to address the various national divisions". The Supreme Court earlier nullified an August presidential poll and ordered the October re-run.

That's not a coincidence, said independent political analyst Martin Andati.

Friday's meeting came hours before the arrival of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as part of his first Africa tour.

He said he is keen to see an increasing footprint of US companies and businesses that have chosen to establish their regional bases in Kenya. "So, it helps ease the political tensions...." "With a fast-growing GDP ... a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship, and a regional economic leader, we are eager to find more ways to work with you".

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