United States approves $47 mn FMS from Ukraine for Javelin ATGM systems

Randy Kelley
March 3, 2018

State Department makes determination approving Javelin missile sale to UkrainePoltorak said the weapons would help the Ukrainian military respond to attacks that he said Russian Federation was responsible for coordinating.

In total, Ukraine's government has requested 210 Javelin missiles and 37 Javelin Command Launch Units supplied by a joint venture between Raytheon Co. and Lockheed martin Corp.

The president of Ukraine has applauded the anticipated $47 million deal, saying providing the country with lethal weapons shows the U.S.is serious about protecting its allies. However, lawmakers from both parties have expressed enormous support for the sale. Until now, the USA has assisted Ukraine's military with logistics, intelligence, training and other types of support.

This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by improving the security of Ukraine.

The White House initially approved a plan to sell the missiles to Ukraine in December, but no weapons have been delivered because the administration hadn't completed the formal process.

Congress will now have 30 days to approve or block the weapons sale. The Kremlin has repeatedly said supplying weapons to Ukraine would further destabilize the situation. The fighting has continued in the eastern part of Ukraine.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the USA had watched Putin's speech "with great interest".

The Javelin is considered a "fire and forget" weapon, with internal infra-red guidance system that allows the missile to zoom skyward and plunge downward into lighter armor on the top of a tank. "We don't regard that as the behavior of a responsible worldwide player".

Trump had been considering the plan for some time after the State Department and the Pentagon signed off earlier this year. "As soon as Ukraine receives lethal weapons, an armed conflict would automatically be unleashed", Zakharchenko warned.

The United States, under Obama, also imposed sanctions on Russian Federation for its invasion and annexation of Crimea.

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