Verdict on the Samsung Galaxy S9? Here Are Impressions so Far

Joshua Bennett
March 6, 2018

Samsung released the latest smartphones from the company in the Galaxy S series of smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus were launched a year ago. In conclusion, DxOMark says that Samsung's new flagship phone "sets the pace" for new camera phones this 2018. Variable aperture on the wide-angle lens is the most powerful feature of the phone's camera.

In addition to the above design improvements, Samsung focused on camera features in the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung has also changed the position of the fingerprint sensor.

DxOMark ranked the Galaxy S9 Plus number one in terms of image quality, putting Samsung's device ahead of the previous leaders, Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. A phone with a high score in the photo category but a poor score in videos won't deliver the best video footage. And I think this is enough fatigue for many enthusiasts who are ready to buy their new Galaxy S9 despite those annoying features we will discuss below.

Complementing the camera capabilities are the phones' updated Quad HD super AMOLED, near-bezel-free displays, described as "virtually indistinguishable from perfect" by Raymond Soneira, president of the display analysis site DisplayMate. Samsung has come a long ways over the last few years in shortening the time between new device announcements and availability, which is something Apple set the bar for and others can still use as examples of how to do things right.

Along with the official announcement, I wrote some of my first impressions after using the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for a couple of hours during a briefing. However, Pinusnigra, a Reddit user from an unidentified country, claimed in a post yesterday to have received a pre-ordered S9 Plus on Thursday. Well, Samsung's version appears to be in a premature stage for an exceptional experience that we may have in upcoming phones.

The most obvious prediction about the S9 is that it would include an answer to Apple's Animoji, but Samsung took a slightly different route with its AR Emoji avatars. In comparison, the iPhone X allows users to record 4K videos at 60fps without any restrictions, which could pull buyers in its favour looking for a handy 4K shooter. "They're not abstract enough to be cute, yet not realistic enough to be authentic".

Although there's now an option to disable it, that troublesome Bixby button from Galaxy S8 still can't be removed entirely in S9 too. Unlike most other new smartphones, pricing varies considerably, by as much as $90, depending upon where they're purchased. My T-Mobile SIM was inserted a couple of days ago as I use the S9 Plus as my daily driver.

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