Will 'take necessary measures' if U.S. harms country's economic interests: China

Randy Kelley
March 8, 2018

"He's now president for life", Trump said.

The White House did not return requests for comment from BuzzFeed News.

Passage of the proposed constitutional amendment by the congress' almost 3000 handpicked delegates is all but certain.

Deng's policy was to prevent returning to the lifelong dictatorship typified by Mao Zedong's chaotic 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution.

Trump's remarks were reportedly met with laughter and applause during a luncheon for Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump ratcheted up the rhetoric on Saturday, threatening a tax on cars from the European Union if it takes retaliatory measures.

Official Chinese defence spending is about one-quarter that of the United States, though many foreign analysts and diplomats say China under-reports the figure. Mr. Hu has been the former party secretary of the coastal Guangdong province, the cradle of China's economic reforms.

Zhang said all countries adjusted their military spending depending on defensive needs and the state of the economy.

Those direct effects could be limited.

It steers away from another weakness of the old-fashioned party system, in which decision making and governance, confined by interests of different political parties, classes, regions and groups, tears the society apart, he said. China also exports only a very small share of its raw aluminum, which would attract a 10 per cent tariff, production to the US.

US President Donald Trump has threatened the European Union with imposing tariffs on vehicle imports, increase tariffs against US companies.

Trump has often praised autocratic leaders, even lamenting that Americans can't randomly execute suspected drug dealers like in Rodrigo Duerte's Philippines. "Our jobs and wealth are being given to other countries that have taken advantage of us for years". His comments came amid growing China-US discord over Trump's announcement of increasing tariffs over US imports of steel and aluminium.

"China does not want a trade war with the USA, but if it takes actions to hurt China's interests, China will not sit by idly and will take necessary measures", Zhang Yesui, a spokesperson for China's National People's Congress, said in a press conference. "They make it impossible for our cars (and more) to sell there. On Saturday, he tweeted that the USA has a "$800 billion dollar yearly trade deficit because of our "very stupid" trade deals and policies.

United States President Donald Trump expressed approval of China's decision to remove the two-term limit for the presidency, saying "we'll have to give that a shot someday". "They laugh at how stupid our leaders were. No more!" he added.

US President Donald Trump earlier tweeted that trade wars are good and easy to win. "I've been saying that for a long time". China also opened its markets to import soya beans, beef and oil from US.

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