Beware! This message could freeze WhatsApp on Android

Jo Lloyd
May 8, 2018

As you may have guessed, there's nothing particularly special about WhatsApp: the bug is related to Android's text rendering engine, so nearly any app that displays text is susceptible to it (Chrome seems to be immune to the bug, however).

SlashGear explains that a message bomb is a specially crafted message that contains hidden symbols in between spaces.

WhatsApp has finally started working on the WhatsApp Business app for iOS as well, as a couple of screenshots from the upcoming app have been leaked online.

The message is in a simple text in quoted form, it looks like "This is very interesting", with the "laughing so much I'm crying" emoji.

So far, users have reported that the message bomb has been capable of shutting down both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp, but only Android phones have fallen victim completely to the bug.

A reddit thread shares this message and says the "best way" to send it would be through a computer or the WhatsApp Web version.

While sending this nefarious message to others is certainly not condoned, you should also exercise caution if attempting to view the seemingly innocent looking line of text on Pastebin out of mere curiosity as it may also hang the browser tab or cause the browser itself to become unresponsive.

These messages apparently include hidden symbols, which are responsible for the app or phone crash.

Citing an example of how control characters work, India Times wrote that they can be used when inserting English words in an Urdu document, as the text goes from right to left in the latter language. If you enter a number not registered with WhatsApp then the URL will notify you with a message "phone number shared via url is invalid".

So, we all know that there is back circle on Whatsapp that has been circulating in different WhatsApp group and personal messages and you must be wondering what is it.

To avoid the problem simply do not click on the message and delete it immediately. However, this becomes hard because when you don't want to click on the message notifications that have piled up and accidentally open the wrong chat. "Create a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings, which you can access or port to another app".

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