DHS Sec. Was 'Close' To Resigning Over Trump Tantrum, Hasn't Done So

Larry Hoffman
May 14, 2018

According to The New York Times, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen nearly resigned Wednesday after a heated argument in which Trump allegedly berated her during a Cabinet meeting focused on immigration.

"The President is rightly frustrated that existing loopholes and the lack of Congressional action have prevented this administration from fully securing the border and protecting the American people", Nielsen's statement said.

Nielsen reportedly pushed back at points, and argued that she was constrained by American immigration laws-a position Attorney General Jeff Sessions supported.

Nielsen has drafted a resignation letter but has not submitted it, The Times reported.

Nielsen reportedly told colleagues that she was close to resigning after the incident and had already drafted a resignation letter, the Times said, citing "several current and former officials familiar with the episode". Nielsen issued a statement Thursday night, but it does not directly address the report or that she came close to resigning. According to the Times, Mr. Trump berated Nielsen in front of the entire cabinet on Wednesday.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 16, 2018. "They're not bad people". "They don't have skills", Kelly argued.

When Kelly was asked whether it is "cruel and heartless" to separate mothers and children, he seemed to shrug.

"All these are complicated matters and I will keep on to guide the Department to accomplish everything that we are able to in order to implement the President's security-focused schedule", she added, without saying anything regarding resignation programs. "The children will be taken care of-put into foster care or whatever". This "tantrum" went on for 30 minutes, which it noted was unusually long for one of Trump's anger outbursts, and left other officials in the room feeling uncomfortable.

Kelly said many of those with temporary protected status, or TPS, resulting from natural disasters or conflict have lived in the United States for decades, and that Congress should act. Trump, however, has moved to remove these protections, effectively expelling as many as 300,000 people.

In late April, the president tasked Nielsen's Department of Homeland Security to contain and break up the traveling migrants.

"I have instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security not to let these large Caravans of people into our Country", Trump wrote last month.

Donald Trump threw a 30-minute tantrum when he was told that the federal government doesn't have the authority to completely shut down the USA border, a new report claims.

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