Google Maps Get Explore Tab To Act As Guide To Users

Joshua Bennett
May 9, 2018

Not everyone has a ideal sense of direction and tired travelers can save themselves a few extra steps by using the overlay to get off on the right foot, and stay headed in the right direction. The new features will be rolling out over the next few months.

Instead of relying on an unclear blue dot while walking around a cluttered city, Google suggests this camera-fueled augmented reality interface may one day save the day. The For You tab is created to surface information about new places that open up, or a "surprise pop-up from your favourite chef" and more using information from local experts, Google's algorithms, and trusted publishers. First, there's a new tab in Maps called "For you" that shows a user new places opening nearby, what's trending in the area, as well as personal recommendations.

Perhaps the most useful new feature Google announced at its conference is something the company is calling VPS, or visual positioning system. The score is based on ratings you've added, cuisines you like, and more.

And finally, expect to see a new "For You" tab that rounds up all of those personalized recommendations. "Your matches change as your own tastes and preferences evolve over time - it's like your own expert sidekick, helping you quickly assess your options and confidently make a decision". Who doesn't know which direction you're facing when the tool says "turn south?" A new shortlist feature will let users select multiple locations and offer it up. Google Lens uses both on-device intelligence, and also cloud TPUs in order to do this, as it needs to identify billions of words, phrases, places, and things in a split second. The three pillars of the new Google News will focus on giving users easy access in keeping up with the news they care about, understand the full story and enjoying the content, all through the use of smart, machine-learning, with little to no need of users to manually search for things they want to consume or learn about.

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