Nintendo Switch Online Pricing And Features Revealed

Jo Lloyd
May 9, 2018

Nintendo has finally revealed details about its online subscription service meant for the Switch console.

It's A Meme, Mario!

Launch titles include the 10 classic NES games listed below, with an additional 10 set to be announced at a later date. While I'll never sniff at Super Mario Bros 3, the system does seem lacking. Keep in mind that the online multiplayer is now free for everyone but starting from September 2018, you will need to pay for the subscription in order to play some of the Nintendo Switch games online.

The main feature of Nintendo Switch Online is that it allows players the ability to play games with an online component online, with other players, whether in competetive or cooperative play.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima noted that despite 3DS being 7 years old is still being supported by Nintendo because it is cheaper compared to Switch and that makes it easier for parents to but this handheld for their children.

Nintendo Switch debuted more than a year ago, but it still doesn't have a proper online service.

Nintendo Switch Online, the firm's unimaginatively-named subscription-based online service, will bring cloud saving to users of the console for the first time, Nintendo announced on Monday. Along with Nintendo's normal pricing plan, there is to be a Family Membership Plan. "Friends can even watch each other play single-player games online, and "pass the controller" at any time".

The price of Nintendo Switch Online varies depending on whether you like to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. Switch Online will also include a new smartphone app that will add even more features, including voice chat with friends during online play and an "Online Lounge" where you can send and receive messages and friend requests. According to Polygon, Square Enix, SNK, and Capcom all have classic 8-bit and 16-big game collections for Switch already on store shelves or headed there soon. This will also allow users to access their save data from the cloud when they lose, break or purchase a new Nintendo Switch system. Alternatively, if you have multiple people with multiple Nintendo Network accounts living in the same house, there's a Nintendo Network family plan available for $34.99.

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