SmackDown Live Championship Matches Set For Money In The Bank

Toby Graves
May 17, 2018

Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with a huge cheer from the London crowd and was set to being interviewed by Renee Young, but Big Cass interrupted. The momentary distraction allowed the No. 1 contender to deliver his reverse exploder suplex and the Kinshasa for the win.

In the main event, AJ Styles clashed with Shinsuke Nakamura. E then sends Sheamus out of the ring before hitting a tope to the outside, then Xavier hits a springboard elbow drop for the pin and the win. Which is an interesting choice in itself considering Ronda Rousey has only had one match in the WWE. Officials were eventually able to stop the pain being inflicted by the former SmackDown GM and Cass retreated to the back with assistance.

There is only one member of The New Day to represent the group in this match, and that man is unquestionably Big E. It's been clear he's in need of a major singles push for some time, and we'll find out sooner or later whether WWE makes the right decision in that regard.

"El Idolo" made quick work of Constantino, ending it after a running corner knee smash and a hammerlock DDT.

The good news was SmackDown Live wasn't going to be outdone.

Big Cass then entered the arena and claimed responsibility for Bryan's loss due to injuring him at Backlash. Asuka being announced as Carmella's challenger was a bright spot, but she seems to still be riding on reputation rather than any character development that's been performed on Smackdown. It seems a likely course for him to challenge Jeff Hardy for the U.S. Championship sooner than later, but putting in a great performance in Money in the Bank could really cement him out of the gate as someone to watch.

Carmella threw a royal Mellabration and said that she is better than Charlotte, Alexa Bliss or Ronda Rousey.

- Money in the Bank qualifiers announced for next week: Samoa Joe vs.

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