Solo: A Star Wars Story Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed

Toby Graves
May 17, 2018

"This is lovely", Emilia Clarke (Qi'ra) said in the video, presumably referring to the stunning costumes. That is the very mind that he brings into full play when he enlists with a gang of inter-planetary brigands led by Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) and his girlfriend Val (Thandie Newton in a disappointingly brief role). The action sequences are the standard Star Wars fair, which is certainly not a bad thing.

I was looking forward to what Lord and Miller-who turned The LEGO Movie, inexplicably, into one of the most surprising creative triumphs of recent years-could do with a project of this scale. Deeply entwined when they first meet, their reunion has a real sense of tension - neither person is able to recapture what they once had. The main cast and director Ron Howard walked the red carpet into the Palais des Festivals past an honour guard of Star Wars stormtroopers.

And while it's consistent with what we know about the character, Solo doesn't really add anything new that's crucial to our understanding of Han Solo, nor does it unlock anything that sheds new light on the older films. Unfortunately, things go south and Han gets out but Qi'ra is captured. There is such a tenderness here that its no wonder Han never said a single world about his past love to Princess Leia. Even as we start to see the vestiges of who Han Solo will become pile up-each one done for maximum audience cheers-the script by Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan gives us twists to the plot that feel like a proper heist movie. "So when there would come a job where that was maybe being discussed, again, it's shocking - actually shocking". Ron Howard was born to direct it. "Paul Bettany's crime boss Dryden Vos might be the first major player in a Star Wars movie to make no impression at all, but the actor was probably doing the best he could under the circumstances; he replaced Michael Kenneth Williams, who was not available for reshoots". Most of the film's best moments amount to cheap fan service. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has an entertaining voice role as Spartacist droid L3-37. Han goes through a lot of character development in the original trilogy, which makes any kind of attempt at development here far more stunted. There's something refreshing about a Star Wars film that isn't about Galaxy-spanning stakes and spends so much of its time focusing on the little guy and the underlying struggles of people just trying to survive in the shadow of the Empire. Ultimately, she isn't given enough to do.

Thankfully going by the early reviews, the Han Solo spin-off is more than decent; it is touted as a fan-pleasing, engaging movie that will not let down a Star Wars fans. In fact, the movie seems perfectly created to win back those who were upset by the visionary The Last Jedi's devastatingtwists and turns.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will release on May 25, 2018. Even a Star Wars version of poker plays a significant role.

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