Trump suggests legal action coming against Mueller's team

Fredrick Soto
May 10, 2018

Trump's legal team, according to Giuliani, also has a list of demands: They want some topics to be "off-limits", to set a time limit for the interview, and "to know whether the interview would become public, and whether they would have the chance to issue a rebuttal to anything alleged by the special counsel". Although CNN has reported that several members of Mueller's team have donated to Democrats, Russia's meddling in the 2016 election also has been the subject of several Republican-led congressional inquiries. He denied that he's obstructed the probe, instead defending his actions and rhetoric as "fighting back" against "the Russia Witch Hunt".

The president revisited the "phony witch hunt" two hours later in yet another tweet, calling attention to the intent of Democrats, which he said is to drag out the Russian investigation long enough "so it wrongfully impacts" the mid-term elections. "House Intelligence Committee found No Collusion, Coordination or anything else with Russia", Trump tweeted. How about Obstruction for a made up, phony crime.

Trump warned Republicans they "better get tough and smart before it is too late!"

The partisan political battle is seemingly headed for legal and constitutional challenges in courts that are themselves politicized to a large degree.

The CBS poll says that 53 percent of Americans now say that the Mueller investigations are "politically motivated", a charge that President Trump has made repeatedly to discredit the probe. If an agreement can't be reached and Trump is subpoenaed, Giuliani said Trump would fight the subpoena to the Supreme Court.

Should Trump cooperate with Mueller questioning?

Such an eventuality would be unprecedented in U.S Presidential history and will nearly certainly be tested in the Supreme Court, where, legal experts warned, the executive would fail. The U.S President is also helped by dazzling figures on the economic front, from greater job creation to the booming stock market to soaring home prices.

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