Kathleen Willey: NBC Dropped the Ball with 'Serial Rapist' Bill Clinton

Larry Hoffman
June 6, 2018

Clinton added that he's tried to "do a good job since then" with his personal and professional life.

"The American people, two-thirds of them stayed with me".

"I think if the roles were reversed - now, this is me just talking, but it's based on my experience - if it were a Democratic president, and these facts were present, most people I know in Washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already".

"I felt awful then", Clinton said cutting Melvin off.

When Donald Trump Jr. and Mika Brzezinski both agree that Clinton's interview with NBC's "Today" about his handling of the Lewinsky affair was a disaster, it's a bad day.

The television journalist asked Clinton whether or not he agreed with the movement, before directly addressing his affair with Monica Lewinsky and whether or not he feels more guilt for his actions.

"I have never talked to her".

But then when Clinton was asked by by NBC whether he owed Lewinsky a direct apology, he said: "No, I do not".

Former President Bill Clinton is out and about promoting a new book, and his interviews are opening some old wounds. The House impeached Clinton in 1998, but the Senate acquitted the President, preventing his removal from office.

But instead, it soon veered towards the Lewinsky scandal and the #MeToo movement - topics which caused the former president's temper to flare. Had the former president said he "felt disgusting for the actions that he did, and moved on", the focus, McAuliffe suggested, could have stayed where Clinton intended it - on his book.

When asked if he would have resigned over the affair, Clinton said he wouldn't.

Clinton also insisted that he would not have approached the Lewinsky scandal differently if it occurred today in light of the #MeToo movement, saying, "I don't think it would be an issue".

Clinton says his critics are "omitting facts" to lump him in with other men accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Clinton then attacked his interviewer, arguing that he "typically have ignored gaping facts".

"No, I felt bad then", Clinton said.

As for Gillibrand's remarks, Clinton said, "She's living in a different context". "I left the White House with $16 million in debt".

Trump "hasn't gotten anything like the coverage that you would expect", Clinton said. "You actually owe EVERYONE an apology, especially her. #MeToo".

Democrats had wondered how Clinton, once a hot commodity on the campaign trail, would take on questions about the #MeToo movement and his history. "All he needed to say in the interview is 'I am profoundly and deeply sorry'".

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