Pompeo to brief Beijing on Trump-Kim summit - USA

Larry Hoffman
June 15, 2018

Earlier Putin had conveyed to the official, Kim Yong Nam, an invitation for the North Korean leader to visit Russian Federation.

The summit in Singapore, which marked a major reduction in tensions, yielded a joint statement that contained a promise to work toward a denuclearised Korean Peninsula, but it lacked details. The U.S. has refused to talk to North Korean leaders since 1945; more specifically, since February 1946, when Kim Il-sung came to effective power as the head of an interim people's committee, which the American occupation commander in the South refused to recognize. "However, the president has not ignored the bad things that have been done by the North Korean regime".

"I believe that the summit was a truly historic feat which moved us from the era of hostility towards the era of dialogue, of peace, and of prosperity", said Mr Moon, who played a key role in bringing the U.S. and the North back to dialogue. "North Korea has great potential for the future!"

Mr Trump also announced a halt to wargames between the United States and South Korea and expressed a desire to bring USA troops home, which left a former South Korean general "speechless".

"With respect to the pace at which the denuclearization will take place, I think we both agreed that we need to do it in as timely a fashion as is possible to achieve the outcome", Pompeo said before leaving Beijing, his final stop after diplomatic visits in South Korea and Japan.

As Pompeo addressed concerns that the administration did not take a tough enough negotiating stance during the summit, North Korean state television broadcast video showing Trump saluting a North Korean military officer at the historic meeting with Kim - an apparent protocol misfire.

The South Korean leader said now is the time to approach peace and development on the peninsula from a more comprehensive point of view, stressing that the Korean Peninsula's peace and the two Koreas' co-prosperity are the spirit of a new era beyond security issues of the denuclearization and security guarantees. So we will never be able to fully satisfy North Korea short of giving up all of our nuclear weapons.

As ambassador, Harris said he would be wary of China's using the thaw with North Korea to press for the early lifting of sanctions against North Korea and the removal of the Army's THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) anti-missile system from South Korea.

The US and South Korea were also discussing a suspension of the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises scheduled for August, South Korea's MoneyToday reported yesterday, citing an unidentified defense official.

South Korea's presidential office has said it's trying to discern Trump's meaning and intent, but also that the allies should explore various ways to "further facilitate" dialogue with the North. "I do know based on my previous job that China is very unhappy with the placement of the THAAD system, but that was an alliance decision" between the US and South Korea.

We have refused to deal with North Korea ever since.

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