US House of Representatives to vote on immigration bill

Jo Lloyd
June 21, 2018

Trump said Wednesday that he would be "signing something in a little while" that would keep families together at the border. "I'll be doing something that's somewhat preemptive and ultimately will be matched by legislation I'm sure".

He said his order would not end the "zero-tolerance" policy that criminally prosecutes all adults caught crossing the border illegally.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a government agency that apprehends illegal immigrants, told Hindustan Times: "Based on information obtained by the US Border Patrol at the time of apprehension, it appears that seven detainees now housed at Sheridan may have been separated from family members".

Trump's "zero tolerance" policy has resulted in thousands of children being held in centers separated from their families.

"We're having a lot of problems with Democrats that don't want to vote for anything", he said.

She said that she was told the separation would last a week, but about a month later, she has yet to see her children.

Republican senators have urged US President Donald Trump to end his "zero tolerance" policy.

"Trump said that even with the change, border enforcement will be "equally tough, if not tougher".

The person said Trump called the Justice Department Wednesday morning asking for the draft order.

Buckling under heavy pressure from his fellow Republicans, Democrats and the global community, Trump's spectacular about-face came after more than 2,300 children were stripped from their parents and adult relatives after illegally crossing the border since 5 May and placed in tent camps and other facilities, with no way to contact their relatives. "Or, prosecute them and then under court cases and the law, they have to be separated from their children".

She also compared the family separations to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, considered one of the darkest chapters of American history.

Earlier this week, ProPublica obtained chilling audio of 10 Central American children screaming inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection after being separated from their parents, which quickly went viral. Under the Obama administration, such families were usually referred for civil deportation proceedings, not requiring separation.

As a preliminary matter, Trump's "solution" is not going to work unless the process for determining the children's parents' status is sped up. It keeps families together while they are in custody, expedites their cases, and asks the Department of Defense to help house them.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on two bills created to end family separations formally and deal with other immigration issues.

"I didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated", Trump told reporters, with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Vice-President Mike Pence standing by his side.

One final point: Each and every child taken into US custody must be accounted for and returned to his or her parent.

He did not immediately provide details of the bill, but said that it resolves the issue of so-called Dreamers, undocumented adult migrants who entered the U.S. as children, "in a very elegant way". Children can't be jailed with their parents.

US First Ladies (from left) Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, Rosalynn Carter and Laura Bush, have independently expressed their concern about migrant children being torn from parents at the US-Mexico border.

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