Colombian Drug Traffickers Put A $70000 Bounty On A Police Dog

Larry Hoffman
July 31, 2018

One particular member of the Colombian National Police has put so much fear into the hearts of drug smugglers that they have reportedly offered up to $70 thousand to anyone who can poison her food or water.

Six-year-old Sombra has made a string of important drug discoveries at airports and received a medal for her work on Colombia's Independence Day on July 20.

Drug cartels like the Gulf Clan have taken note.

Sombra has achieved celebrity status in Colombia, emerging as the hairy, friendly face of the nation's deadly war against drug cartels.

She's since been relocated to an airport in Bogotá, where, according to the news outlet, she's accompanied by extra security officers to ensure her safety.

The threat prompted officials to relocate Sombra - whose name in Spanish means Shadow - from the port of Turbo on the Caribbean coast to the capital city, where she now uses her extraordinary talent at Bogotá's El Dorado worldwide airport.

Sombra was originally posted to various ports on Colombia's Atlantic coast, where smugglers sent speedboats loaded with drugs north to the United States or across the ocean to Europe.

The leader of the Urabeños, Dairo Antonio Úsuga also known as Otoniel, is one of Colombia's most wanted men.

Sombra the drug-sniffing police dog is famous in Colombia.

In 2012 this same organization offered $500 bounty for every time a police officer is killed. Officers also credit her incredible nose with more than 245 drug-related arrests at two of Colombia's biggest worldwide airports. "She is playful. In fact, during training this is part of her work - not just finding the caches of illicit drugs".

The threat to Sombra's life was discovered via an intercepted phone call.

The criminal group, the most powerful in Colombia, has decided that the dog represented a threat to its business.

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