Elon Musk Says He's 'Happy To Help' Thai Boys Trapped In Cave

Fredrick Soto
July 10, 2018

"Elon Musk will send his team to Thailand tomorrow (7July) to Help in Cave Rescue", read a post on the government's Facebook page.

The group had ventured in while the cave was dry but rain then flooded it. And even if that doesn't happen, it could be months before the water drops enough for the boys to walk out. Numerous passageways leading into the cave are narrow, and most of the boys do not know how to swim.

"Now and in the next three or four days, the conditions are ideal in terms of the water, the weather and the boys' health", he told reporters this afternoon. Engineers and rescue teams equipped to aid the Thai government have been volunteering to help-a former Thai Navy SEAL died from lack of oxygen as he worked to save the boys-but so far have had no luck.

Though rescuers found the group after nine days and they have received food, blankets and medical attention, it is still a risky dive and scramble through four kilometres of tunnels where they are trapped in - as they can not swim or dive.

Rescuers have dug more than 100 holes, hoping to reach the cave by a direct route. On Friday, Bay Area tech leader Elon Musk joined the conversation of how to safely rescue the group, saying he might have a solution and is sending help. They were found alive in a flooded cave on July 2, about 2.5 miles from the cave's entrance. The usual level is 21%.

"We will try to set the best plan, when the risk is minimal, we will try to bring them out", he said.

Meanwhile, rescuers have a dwindling window of opportunity, with forecasters predicting the return of heavy monsoon rains in the coming days, effectively sealing off the cave until October.

He also said that when teams had stopped pumping water for 12 minutes during the day on Friday, the water level in the cave rose by 10cm (4in).

It is still not clear how the boys will be rescued. On June 23, there was a missing report about the group for the first time. In addition, the forecast of heavy rains this weekend in the area is again making it hard for the rescue team to save the team and the coach.

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