Fortnite's one-time rocket event will launch Saturday

Joshua Bennett
July 1, 2018

A brand new message has appeared in Fortnite's news section confirming the time and date for the long-awaited rocket launch. While free, there are many opportunities for players to spend money to customize the game with weapons and outfits for their characters.

"We are holding the release until next week to continue hammering away this weekend", the company said.

As previously mentioned, the limited-time Playground mode also suffered from a series of issues following its launch and still hasn't returned to the rotation. "Once we have confirmed that our testing was successful we will begin gradually rolling servers out to all regions and platforms until it's available to all players".

MrPopoTFS on Reddit (a developer at the game) has clarified when we can see an update for Playground mode hit.

"We need to continue testing our matchmaking improvements before opening the Playground LTM", an official tweet from the company explained in the early hours of the morning.

Fortnite's heralding a pretty important event tomorrow, and if you're planning on being out of the house for a bit, you may want to rethink those plans.

While Epic hasn't formally announced what will happen this Saturday, something else has been taking place on the island in recent days, and many Fortnite players suspect that the two are related.

This would go live for Season 5 and would mean major changes to the game. But this is the first time in the game so far where you'll be able to see an event happening live.

Resources gathered grant 10x the normal rate.

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