Giuliani details new revelations about Michael Cohen's tapes

Larry Hoffman
July 30, 2018

Giuliani's comments echo a Wednesday tweet from Trump in which he asked: "Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things?"

Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and their lawyer have repeatedly denied that Trump knew about the May 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. He even retained Bill and Crooked Hillary's lawyer.

But Lanny Davis, Cohen's lawyer, told Cuomo that "Richard Nixon couldn't spin the tape that did him in ..." But he has soured on Trump and his allies in recent weeks, particularly after the president and the White House distanced themselves from Cohen after the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed a raid on his properties on April and seized thousands of documents and records.

Giuliani said the president is "disappointed" over Cohen's secret recordings, but said that they clear him from any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager who will stand trial in Virginia this week on financial charges brought by the Mueller team, "has no incriminating information on the president", Giuliani said, adding: "I know that for a fact".

Giuliani said he doesn't know the contents of the other recordings but said federal prosecutors would have turned them over to him if they related to Mr. Trump.

The meeting has become a central focus of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether anyone within Trump's campaign colluded with Russia's meddling in the last United States presidential election.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee want Donald Trump testify yet again for his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Giuliani also taunted Mueller in an interview with Axios published Monday.

While discussing Michael Cohen's allegation that Trump knew about the meeting, Giuliani focused his defense on arguing not necessarily that Trump didn't know about it - but that he wasn't physically at the meeting.

"We've had it analyzed by several experts, not just for audio", Giuliani said.

Trump Jr. testified past year to the Senate Judiciary Committee that his father had no knowledge of the meeting with the Russians. The Russians then dispatched the delegation that visited Trump NY in June with that aim.

But Trump doesn't act surprised by the conversation, which contradicts his campaign's insistence that he knew nothing about the Karen McDougal business.

Trump Jr responded "I love it" when first offered the political "dirt" on Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

"Now they are looking at my Tweets (along with 53 million other people) - the rigged Witch Hunt continues!"

And NBC's Ken Dilanian writes: "I may not understand this stuff, but I thought Trump was rich enough that his whole family could fly private".

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