Shark stolen in baby stroller, back at aquarium

Larry Hoffman
July 31, 2018

At this time there is no known motive for why they made a decision to steal a shark.

Authorities are speaking with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine whether any federal charges can be filed, Salvaggio said. One suspect, a 38-year-old male, was expected to spend Monday night in jail.

The chief also said two suspects have confessed to the aquatic crime.

"Luckily, the thief was somebody who knew what he was doing", he said.

The female shark, named Helen, thankfully survived and was brought back to the aquarium.

"He had a lot of different marine animals in the home".

There they allegedly waited for the flawless moment to strike. After grabbing the shark. A net, a bucket, a blanket and a baby stroller.

You can see the surveillance video below. One of the men insisted his son was sick and that he needed to leave immediately. The "sanitation bucket" was used to transport the shark, the statement said. The woman stands nearby holding the baby. All of this appears to happen with at least two aquarium employees nearby.

Aquarium general manager Jenny Spellman challenged the suspects in the parking lot.

Police don't believe the shark was taken to sell but to be added to the suspect's collection.

An employee followed them out and tried to get to look into the stroller that was dripping water, but they got away.

The theft was the first of its kind at the aquarium, Covino said.

Police have recovered the vehicle that may have been involved in the incident, Salvaggio told

Although the shark was back in its aquarium by Monday evening, the stress the poor fish endured during the ordeal might affect its chances of survival, which is not yet guaranteed. "Obviously, he likes those types of animals".

Admittedly, the shark known as Helen was only a comparatively harmless horn shark measuring 1.5-feet.

"Ms Helen (our horn shark) is in quarantine right now resting. And now that we actually have her here, I'm overjoyed". "She's not out of the woods just yet".

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