Afghanistan: Gunmen attack spy training center in Kabul

Larry Hoffman
August 19, 2018

Among the victims were thought to be dozens of teenagers studying English.

Afghan officials have confirmed the death toll, saying almost 70 others were wounded. He later revised that figure down.

The attack comes amid a particularly bloody week in Afghanistan that has seen Taliban attacks kill scores of Afghan troops and civilians.

Families of the dead held a mass funeral Thursday where mourners wept and clutched the wooden coffins.

"I don't know how long we sacrifice our loved ones, I hope government (can) prevent such incidents".

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the tuition centre attack.

Two gunmen besieged a compound belonging to the Afghan intelligence service in a northwestern Kabul neighborhood early Thursday, opening fire as Afghan security forces moved in to cut them off.

Before the attack on the Malikyar school, Islamic State, also known as Daesh, issued warnings through radio broadcasts and letters to schools that they would carry out attacks in retaliation for pressure their fighters were facing. Two have been killed, he said, with one remaining. So clearance operations continue. According to a report by OCHA, released late Thursday, water and electricity have yet to be restored in many areas of the city of 270,000 people.

Ghani also ordered the country's intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, to probe the attack and boost security in the area.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday strongly condemned what he called terrorist attack in Kabul and expressed his condolence and sympathies with the Afghan government and Afghan people.

"This violence must stop".

Fore added that "children are not, and must never be the target of violence".

Afghan soldiers, backed by US forces, drove the Taliban fighters out of the once-bustling city, which lay in a shambles, after five days of fighting.

The combat in the city of Ghazni confined for 5 days and more than 100 policemen were killed by the Taliban intruders.

Reliable sources on the ground are reporting that Ghazni Public Hospital is "overwhelmed by a continuous influx" of injured members of the government forces, Taliban fighters and civilians.From the humanitarian perspective, the situation in Ghazni "remains particularly grim", UN Special Representative Yamamoto explained.

"President Ashraf Ghani arrived in Ghazni province to visit and evaluate the security situation of Ghazni", the presidential palace said in a statement.

The shooting - which underscored the near-daily, persistent threats in war-battered Afghanistan - was sporadic and it wasn't immediately clear how many gunmen are involved in the assault.

President Ghani's visit to Ghazni takes place as clashes between government forces and Taliban are still ongoing in some parts of the province, according to local officials.

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