Ben Stokes added to England squad for third Test

Mae Harvey
August 14, 2018

Ben Stokes will miss the third England vs India Test too due to the ongoing trial as England, on Monday named an unchanged 13-man squad for the upcoming game.

Having taken six wickets in the first Test against India, Stokes missed the second match at Lord's while he faced trial.

The jury heard that Stokes had been in the nightclub earlier in the evening and had tried to return after it had stopped allowing entry, offering the doorman a bribe, but had been refused entry.

The court decision on Stokes is expected this week and the European Central Bank said it would assess his availability once the trial is over.

Stokes, who denied the charge, told the jury he had been acting in self-defence after stepping in to defend the gay couple who had been on the receiving end of homophobic abuse.

Stokes was found not guilty of affray in a unanimous decision by a jury in less than three hours of deliberations on Tuesday following a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

He said CCTV footage from just before the fight showed he was "not behaving in a drunk way".

Ali recalled walking along the street with Hale, Barry and O'Connor, "having a laugh and some banter and the next thing I remember is having a tall blond man charging towards me".

"We knew that they were prepared to use weapons that could do serious injury and I feared they could have other weapons with them".

Barry continued: "I'd say thank you, definitely, thank you for being there".

Stokes and Ali tussled and fell to the floor and when the sportsman got back to his feet Mr Hale was stood in front of him.

Mr Hales tries to grab Stokes, repeatedly begging his teammate to stop, telling him "Stokes, Stokes, that's enough".

The court has been told Mr Hales kicked Ali in the head and stamped on him as he lay on the ground, with Stokes then knocking out Mr Hale.

Another man charged with affray over the brawl, Ryan Hale, was acquitted midway through the trial after the judge issued a direction to the jury.

Ali, an emergency services worker, suffered a fractured eye socket, while Mr Hale, a former soldier, was left with concussion after both were punched by the cricketer in the brawl.

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