Land expropriation in South Africa will be monitored by Trump's administration

Larry Hoffman
August 24, 2018

According to studies, despite whites making up 8 percent of the South African population, they control 74 percent of the farmland in the country.

This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in Parliament on Thursday that he did not agree with the Economic Freedom Fighters' position on the nationalisation of land, and that the government had chose to embark on a process of rapidly releasing land which belonged to it.

And elections scheduled for next year are a factor, too.

This tweet followed a segment on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in which the Fox News host reported that South Africa's government had already started expropriating the land of white farmers without pay, a policy South Africa's government insists it has not implemented and which would require a constitutional amendment that is now working its way through the legal process.

South Africa didn't take lightly to the comments, with the government rejecting Trump's tweet on land reform as a narrow perception that divides the nation.

"The goal of the organizers, which included representatives from major neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, "traditional white supremacist, ' Christian Identity groups, as well as racist prison gangs, was to stop the alleged 'genocide of Whites" in South Africa", the organization wrote.

Experts say the attacks reflect the country's generally high crime rate and that there is no evidence connecting them to victims' race.

In May, farm lobby group Agri SA claimed farm murders were at their lowest level in two decades, with 47 farmers killed in 2017-18.

Even those people who have land are now beginning to realise the injustices of the past‚ he said. "It also is potentially harmful for South Africa - this is particularly unfortunate given that the information on which it is based is inaccurate". "There is black genocide in the U.S.; black people are killed every day".

Despite the lack of solid data, the racially-charged issue of South African farm murders has recently become a cause célèbre among "alt-right" activists across the world, with figures such as Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern and Katie Hopkins enthusiastically pushing the "white genocide" line.

Trump's tweet did find some supporters. In May, its leaders went to the United States to lobby institutions and politicians about Ramaphosa's proposal to expropriate land and the alleged targeting of white farmers.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema, meanwhile, called Trump a "pathological liar" in a press conference from his headquarters in Johannesburg on Thursday.

"South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers". Opponents say it is a threat to food security and the economy.

Now to the issue at hand: Here is the frequency of tweets about Trump and South Africa this year. "We encourage a peaceful and transparent public debate about this important issues that seems to be happening in South Africa".

While the land "seizure" currently being discussed is not happening right now, the South African government has proposed changing its constitution making the redistribution of land - without compensating the owners - a strong possibility.

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