Man Taunts Bison in Yellowstone National Park, Gets What He Deserves

Larry Hoffman
August 5, 2018

The bison first tried to just ignore the person.

Raymond Reinke, 55, of Pendleton, Oregon, was taken into custody late Thursday by rangers at Glacier National Park in Montana, where Reinke had traveled after being cited on Tuesday evening by Yellowstone rangers for the bison incident that took place earlier that day.

A video of the bison incident was captured by Lindsey Jones of Elko, Nevada, on August 1.

The man is able to dodge out of the way and walks away from the bison, which turns its attention on nearby vehicles.

The incident happened the other day in Hayden Valley on a busy road, and was captured on camera and posted to social media by Lindsey Jones.

In the clip, an unidentified man can be seen following a large bison as traffic builds. "Oh God, no, no, I can't watch", she said.

Superintendent Dan Wenk is quoted as saying: "The individual's behavior in this video is reckless, dangerous, and illegal".

Park regulations require people to remain at least 25 yards from animals like bison and elk and 100 yards from bears and wolves.

He reminded visitors to dial 911 if they saw anyone who was in danger of hurting themselves or the park. Realize how privileged we are to have these national parks. After a night in jail, Reinke was released on bond - and that's when he headed to Yellowstone, rangers said.

A short time later, Reinke harassed the bison, rangers suspect. The Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. state of Wyoming has been preserving this animal for a long time, and they keep warning the visitors to stay away and enjoy the sight of this remarkable animals.

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