Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky with shooting star spectacular

Jo Lloyd
August 13, 2018

Although the meteor shower is likely to be most easy to spot from earth on Sunday night, it has been visible since the end of July and will remain so for a further two weeks. Monday is the final evening of the peak nights for viewing the annual Perseid shower. "As long as you have clear skies and you're away from the city, you should have a good show". And if you thought the video above looked attractive, you'll be pleased to know that the meteor shower will hit peak visibility tonight (12 August).

And experts believe it may be the best meteor shower of 2018. "If it's clear, we should be able to see quite a few".

Every year, meteor showers become visible from Earth - weather and light pollution permitting.

As the night nears dawn, Cooke says viewers can expect to see a meteor every minute or so, which is about standard for the Perseids.

The Perseid meteor shower is named after the constellation Perseus because if you trace their paths backward they appear to be coming from the area of the sky.

Known as perseids, also called "Tears of St. Lawrence", the shower of shooting stars is visible in the Earth's atmosphere. Others are brighter and can appear to sail across our sky for several seconds, leaving a glowing smoke trail.

If you want to wish upon a shooting star, this is your weekend.

This is typically one of the best meteor showers viewable from Missouri.

A meteor shower lit up the skies above Europe and North America on Saturday night, giving star gazers a rare opportunity to see a display of shooting stars with the naked eye. Skies should be clearing and by the time we hit that peak viewing time after 1 AM it should be partly cloudy to clear.

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