Violent Chicago weekend leaves at least 10 dead, dozens hurt

Larry Hoffman
August 7, 2018

Johnson said the police department can not reduce shootings without help from residents identifying the shooters, many of whom are repeat offenders.

Police said in some of the cases shooters sprayed bullets indiscriminately into crowds in rival territories. Fox News itself has reported that 63 people were shot - not murdered - while, in fact, ten were killed. This is, for the most part, black people shooting black people. "Somebody knows who did it", said Johnson, his voice rising. He was on the sidewalk with five other people, including a 14-year-old boy, when two men came up and started shooting, police said.

"We continue to send a message that it's okay to commit these crimes by not doing anything as a community". "Where is the accountability for them?"

Chicago, a city dominated by the Democratic Party for decades, maintains some of the United States' strictest gun laws. Johnson echoed that, saying there are often people who know who pulled the trigger but don't go to police. "They get a pass from everybody, and they shouldn't", he said. "They just walk away, they ain't trying to run".

"They take advantage of that opportunity and they shoot into a crowd, no matter who they hit", he said. We are all supposed to be on the same side.

Giuliani also encouraged Chicagoans to support Garry McCarthy, the city's former police superintendent and now candidate challenging Mayor Rahm Emanuel - though he misspelled McCarthy's first name.

"The city is lost", a federal prosecutor tells me. "You could just feel the grief", said Eric Russell, a community activist who visited them.

"It is the same people who are pulling the triggers", he said. CPD also says it has implemented a data-driven policing strategy that helps police predict crime before it happens so they can put officers in the right places at the right time.

"There is a shortage of values about what is right and what is wrong", Emanuel said.

Ford said the US sends billions of dollars to underdeveloped countries that are similarly rife with crime, but does not do the same in Chicago and elsewhere domestically. "We are a better city".

The violence peaked early Sunday, including one shooting in a courtyard in Gresham in the city's south side that wounded eight people, including four teenage girls.

Thirty-nine people were shot, including five fatally, in a roughly seven-hour span late Saturday and early Sunday. But murders were down 23% compared to same point past year, and the city tallied 19% fewer shooting incidents. Waller said there were a number of outdoor events over the weekend that were vulnerable to gang-related revenge attacks.

But although June marked 15 straight months of fewer killings and shootings, on 25 June, at least 21 were shot and two died. A person in a ski-mask fired shots at two people standing in front of a home. "But we still have a lot more work to do, and I think that was evidenced by this weekend".

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