Donald Trump to Supporters: If You Don't Vote, I Might Get Impeached

Larry Hoffman
September 10, 2018

An audience member had some colorful reactions to President Donald Trump's speech at a campaign rally in Billings, Montana on Thursday. Jon Tester, a top GOP target in the fall elections.

It may not be easy to upstage President Trump, but one Montana high school student certainly did Thursday night.

Trump continued, "This election you aren't just voting for a candidate".

Linfesty, a high school senior, said the people set to stand behind the president were told: "you have to be enthusiastic, you have to be clapping, you have to be cheering for Donald Trump".

Trump urged his supporters to vote Republican in the midterms to protect the country's success.

According to the Gazette, one of its reporters saw Trump staffers reviewing a photo of Linfesty and the Democratic Socialist of America rose emblem he wore before removing Linfesty and his friends. We're far past the point where it's become hackneyed to point out that Trump's rambling rants say the exact opposite about his state of mind, but these priceless crowd reactions are exactly the real-world juxtaposition needed to make that point without even directly addressing it at all.

"Earlier this year, Trump said I'd "have a big price to pay" this November - which means he's ready to do whatever it takes to defeat me".

Linfesty said he knew why he was removed from the rally, though he claimed he was never given a reason as to why he was told to leave. Mr Trump told a rally in Billings, Montana.

Trump said numerous Senate Democrats whom Tester had helped elect "are attacking Judge Kavanaugh and looking like fools". Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) pounced.

Trump made his typical claims that Democrats will roll back Second Amendment rights and favor open borders.

As Kavanaugh's hearings began, Cramer launched an ad attacking Heitkamp for a January procedural vote that effectively blocked legislation to make almost all abortions after 20 weeks illegal.

Trump's trip to Montana and North Dakota this week is elevating Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation as a political litmus test for voters. "In all three votes on Supreme Court justices, Tester sided with Chuck Schumer and the anti-gun liberal left against your right to self-defense".

In a fundraising email to supporters Thursday morning, Tester highlighted Trump's visit to the state.

"When he said something insane, I thought 'Wow that's insane, ' and when he said something I thought was reasonable I thought, 'well, that's reasonable'. It's why he's paying a second visit to my state", he wrote.

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