Fortnite Season 6 has begun and it now features pets

Toby Graves
September 28, 2018

Pick one up and you'll instantly gain some powerful new abilities for about 45 seconds or so.

In addition to these new features, more technical updates include newly introduced custom controller bindings for console players and the disappearance to some items including the suppressed sub-machine gun, light machine guns, impulse grenades, remote explosives, and bouncers.

Everyone will need to download update 6.0 before they can start playing again, which is expected to be large.

The fan hype and tantalising teasers continue as Fortnite Season 6 is on the horizon. According to reports, the game will lock up on the loading screen, rendering them unable to access the season 6 update. You can find out more here.

Once again, the most significant changes in Battle Royale are to the map.

With Season 6, Epic is introducing a new Halloween theme for the game, just in time for Halloween, of course. Season six brings pets that you can carry on your back, including dogs, dragons, and chameleons. Corrupted areas have Shadow Stones scattered about, which should be consumed to "uncover their power". These pets look incredibly cute, much like you would expect things to work on Fortnite, and they even react to different conditions, like when you are in a fight. I'm traveling now and have yet to try these out myself, but apparently, once you consume a Shadow Stone you can pass through objects, so this opens up a whole new meaning of flanking your enemy.

Add to that a collection of Halloween-themed gliders, pickaxes, back blings, and sprays, and we've got quite the Battle Pass on our hands. There are over 100 new rewards to unlock this season, including brand new costumes, gliders, pickaxes, and now background music. Thankfully, it's not too out of the way so you won't waste a lot of time obtaining it.

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