Nana Patekar accused of having ‘a history of assaulting women’

Toby Graves
September 27, 2018

The actress has given an interview to Zoom channel about the incident and named the actor. "But all this is just for show", she added. Nana Patekar is one who has been disrespectful towards women.

She also added that most actors in Bollywood have an extremely efficient PR management which takes care of the information that goes into the public domain. As Tanushree said, it is not the casting director who chooses the lead actress, but it is the hero who decides who the heroine is depending on his comfort levels with the lady. But instead of discussing her past films or acting performances, the actor had asked, "Deti hai kya".

These comments are making quite a buzz brushing the casting couch debate yet again. I complained to director and producer that I was facing a lot of problems because of him and they should tell him to stay away from me.

Speaking about the #MeToo movement, she said, "The Me Too movement will never arrive in India because of the industry's hypocrisy". Her parents came on set to pick her up. She locked herself up in her vanity strictly refusing to come out and goons were called by producers to banged fists against her vanity. "But there he was... pulling me with my arms, teaching me the dance", Tanushree alleges.

In a shocking turn of events, she pinned the blame on Patekar, who essayed protagonist of the said film.

Shortly after, journalist Janice Sequeira who was present on the sets reportedly took to social media to share her version of the disdainful incident that took place nearly ten years ago.

During the same time, in an interview to Zee News, the film's producer Sami Siddiqui had said, "She behaved in a completely unacceptable manner". She questioned whether they have a sense of responsibility and respect, and whether the message they wanted to give their daughters was that it's okay if she gets harassed by a man, because the people in power will continue to work with him anyway. "If such big stars will keep working with these culprits then there's no hope for any movement to happen". My approach is like an American in a way, so I am okay with talking about it. "They will cast all the other actors in the films but the lead actress will be recommended by the lead actor". "And the entire industry that has been an accomplice through silence", Tanushree told IANS in an interview over phone from Mumbai on Wednesday.

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