Olivia Newton-John | Hopelessly devoted to Olivia | Sunday Night

Toby Graves
September 11, 2018

The Grease star gave an extended interview on Australia's Sunday Night program in which she revealed another tumor was found a year ago after it seemed she was in remission. "But my husband's always there, and he's there to support me".

Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, which she overcame.

However, there was more heartache for the star when she was diagnosed with cancer in her shoulder in 2013, after she was involved in a minor vehicle accident.

But in the emotive interview Newton-John added that she does experience "moments" of despair.

The Grease icon says she is determined to beat the disease again.

"There are moments. I'm human".

"The chorus goes, 'On those days that nobody wants to know you and all your dreams keep falling on stony ground, don't stop believing you'll get by, '" she said.

Olivia Newton-John | Hopelessly devoted to Olivia | Sunday Night
Olivia Newton-John | Hopelessly devoted to Olivia | Sunday Night

Olivia has since undergone radiation therapy to treat her latest tumour, while also relying on natural remedies, including medical marijuana grown by her husband John Easterling, to ease her pain. "I shouldn't say fight, in this journey", she said on the Australian show Sunday Night.

Newton-John, who turns 70 later this month, was catapulted to fame in 1978 when she starred opposite John Travolta as Sandy in the hit high school musical Grease. After a minor auto accident in 2013 led to the discovery that the cancer had returned, she made a decision to not speak publicly about it.

Olivia explained why she didn't go public with the news her cancer had returned for the second time.

She also said she was cutting sugar from her diet. I see as part of my mission. "Always when I sing it, I get a good, happy feeling and I get that positivity and keep on believing". "I live in this lovely place", Olivia is a fighter and remains incredibly positive about her fate.

Opening up on their friendship and performing together, the star broke down in tears on camera and admitted: "When I look at her... It's hard to say, they help with pain", Olivia said. I have a wonderful husband. I have an incredible career.

"The first time I talked about it, and the second time I thought I didn't really need to share this, it's not something I need to share with people", she said.

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