OnePlus may debut its first ever smart TV next year

Joshua Bennett
September 19, 2018

The company also makes some pretty stellar accessories such as backpacks, headphones, and more.

OnePlus, the company that is so far popular for its smartphones, is now set to enter the television market by launching a smart TV that has internally been called the OnePlus TV. Lau said that the company has taken its first steps in developing its very first Smart TV, which is now called OnePlus TV. It'll come with a focus on image and audio quality. Besides OnePlus, TCL, Hisense, and other Chinese companies are also trying to enter the USA and Europe.

"With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, our imagination is endless - and we are looking forward to the future", Lau added.

Lau told the publication they will also be soliciting ideas from OnePlus's over 5 million strong community for features and functionalities they would want from a television.

The contest is live and the participants who suggests the winning name will win the OnePlus TV from the first lot along with a chance to attend the OnePlus TV launch event where the company will pay for lodging and boarding.

It's forming a new division to create the new smart telly, which it says will sit alongside its smartphone division.

Lau lists four environments for which users need to stay connected: the home, the workplace, the commute and being on-the-move. It is also asking users to come up with a name for the TV, and the victor will be announced before December 2018.

Lau hopes to launch their first smart TV in 2019.

Of course, OnePlus knows its limits, with CEO Pete Lau telling Business Insider that the product will take time to develop.

OnePlus hasn't revealed much detail about the OnePlus TV as of now.

What the OnePlus TV ultimately entails could be dependent on user feedback. The decision has been made and OnePlus will definitely be making the OnePlus TV but it is unclear if the TV will run Android TV or not (you would expect it if you wanted to connect the smartphone seamlessly to it).

The OnePlus TV is in early stages of its development for now. The blog post also hints that the TV will be connected with your smartphones.

When we talked to Samsung about its new 8K TV, it was very candid saying "anyone can make an 8K TV" - you just go and by the parts.

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