Pressure Builds on U.K., EU to Reach a Brexit Deal

Larry Hoffman
September 6, 2018

Theresa May accuses Boris Johnson of not being serious and having "no new ideas" on Brexit.

The prime minister has proposed a common rulebook for goods to enable frictionless trade between Britain and the bloc after Brexit, along with a facilitated customs arrangement to remove the need for extra border checks.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: "Out of their corners come Dominic Raab and Michel Barnier, shrugging their shoulders and beating their chests - and I just hope you aren't one of those trusting souls who still thinks it could really go either way".

Former party leader Lord Hague used his own Telegraph column to warn Tories their civil war could result in the collapse of the Government and either a second referendum or a general election - and the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.

He also hinted at earlier tensions within the Government's Brexit negotiating team, stating: "I was always the Brexit Secretary, the question is whether I controlled events, that's another matter".

Davis meanwhile went onto BBC television to brand the Chequers blueprint as being "actually nearly worse than being in" the European Union, a line echoed by Johnson in his Sunday column in the staunchly euro-sceptic Sunday Telegraph.

"The fix is in", said the former foreign secretary.

Lord King said he feared biggest risk to the United Kingdom was that the referendum had failed to resolve the issue of Brexit and it "isn't going to go away". "The UK has agreed to hand over £40bn of taxpayers' money for two-thirds of diddly squat". He said that under the current plan, "we will remain in the European Union taxi; but this time locked in the boot, with absolutely no say on the destination".

Johnson, who some in the governing Conservative Party favour as a potential successor to May, resigned in July in protest at the prime minister's so-called Chequers plan.

Speaking at a conference later in the day UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid backed the PM against his former cabinet colleague Mr Johnson.

The GMB has become the latest Labour-affiliated trade union to formally support a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Raab concluded by saying Britain has presented its proposals in a spirit of compromise, adding: "So too they have proved challenging in some respects for some in the EU".

Barnier also told European Union vehicle manufacturers they would have to use fewer British parts after Brexit to keep to tariff export rules.

The EU's chief negotiator has said he "strongly" opposes parts of the plan.

"If we consider the time needed for the ratification of the exit agreement by the British parliament as well as by the European Parliament, then we must conclude the negotiations by mid-November". "You can inflate the hard border with Ireland by blowing on this whistle."A no-deal scenario would bring some countervailing opportunities", he continued, "including a swifter end to our financial contributions to the EU."This, arguably, is one the airline industry might consider actually taking up: "Hello, this is your captain speaking".

"We are encouraging all businesses that haven't already done so to draw up plans for a range of plausible Brexit outcomes immediately so that they can take steps to manage risk".

She said: "The only way any of us are going to come through this is with a little bit of compromise on both sides".

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