Who's who in the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing

Larry Hoffman
September 28, 2018

On July 9 after Kavanaugh had become the Supreme Court nominee, Ford said she received a call from Eshoo's office.

Glued to high-stakes testimony on his Supreme Court nominee, President Donald Trump and his allies were shaken by Christine Blasey Ford's emotional appearance on Capitol Hill Thursday, but heartened by Judge Brett Kavanaugh's forceful pushback against the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Allegations by other women followed those by Ford.

"This has destroyed my family and my good name, a good name built up through decades of very hard work and public service at the highest levels of the American government", Kavanaugh said in a roar that overwhelmed the small Senate hearing room. She witnessed both of them "drink excessively and "engage in highly inappropriate conduct". Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who was detained by Republicans on the committee to question Ford, would later tell Ford that she was "struck" by the fact that Ford appeared "terrified". "But I have never done that to her or to anyone", he will say on Thursday as per the prepared testimony. "I denied the allegation immediately, unequivocally, and categorically", Kavanaugh says.

Wading into the #MeToo moment, Mr Trump said he views such accusations "differently" because he has "had a lot of false charges made against me". "I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me". Kavanaugh denied the allegations.

Kasich said on Wednesday it would be "in the best interest of our country and the integrity of the court" to hold off on a vote, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ford alleges that Kavanaugh forced himself on her, groped her, and tried to undress her at a party when they were in high school.

The process will then be repeated with Kavanaugh, but after he makes his opening statements he's fair game to the full panel of senators - both Dems and Republicans. Aside from the press and the senators on the dais, the room was limited to 47 seats - with the two front rows reserved for Ford and Kavanaugh's respective supporters who would sit behind them as they testified. Aides said they thought Kavanaugh was effectively fighting back and expressed optimism he could survive the process.

"Mark Judge should be subpoenaed".

Grassley began by lashing out at Feinstein and Democrats for not making Ford's private letter public sooner and defended the lack of an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into the allegations.

The "trauma-related experience" was seared into her brain, she said.

Kavanaugh also allegedly put his hand over Ford's mouth so she could not scream. "I am a fiercely independent person and I am no one's pawn", she said.

In her three hours of testimony, Ford's tone was polite but firm as she detailed her accusations but offered no major new revelations.

During a break in the hearing, some of Kavanaugh's strongest supporters gave no indications of wavering.

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