'X-Men: Dark Phoenix': First Official Poster & Synopsis Have Arrived

Toby Graves
September 27, 2018

Looks like there's a major death coming to the X-Men, at least judging by the first trailer for the franchise's latest release, "Dark Phoenix". Excited fans can see a preview of the trailer online thanks to star Sophie Turner, who will be playing Jean Grey for the second time in the franchise with Dark Phoenix.

Kinberg is looking to do this iconic comic book tale justice in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the seventh X-Men movie and the one that looks to be by far the most faithful to comic book lore yet. Her fellow X-Men will have to decide whether to save her from the Phoenix, her dark alternate personality, or protect the humans she threatens.

The new trailer shows Jean Grey as a young girl scared and trying to figure out what's wrong with her. Professor X, played by the brilliant James McAvoy, really hit me with a tearjerker line: "Jean, you are not broken".

Much of the footage revolves around Grey, focusing on her traumatic childhood and extreme power. With this family beginning to crumble, they must find a way to unite to save Jean's soul and to prevent aliens from weaponizing on this new power and taking over the galaxy. Fox took to Twitter to promote the upcoming Dark Phoenix film today with a quick teaser.

What is also interesting about this tease is it would suggest that Jessica Chastain will be taking on the role of the original Dark Phoenix Saga's Emma Frost (who is deceased in X-films after being played by January Jones in X-Men: First Class).

Turner revealed the trailer on Wednesday's "Late Late Show" alongside James Corden. Of course, Mystique (Lawrence) and Magneto (Fassbender) end up involved, with mutants choosing sides as Jean's abilities grow to a potentially-disastrous level.

Fox will try to sell Dark Phoenix in the same way how other Marvel movies are now being made - by dedicating an entire film to show the origin of the lead character.

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