Black Mirror season 5 gets December release date on Netflix

Toby Graves
October 2, 2018

The fifth season of the Emmy-winning anthology series Black Mirror will reportedly premiere in December of 2018 and will bring with it an episode that will allow viewers to choose how events in the story play out. More on the Black Mirror choose your own adventure episode below.

Sources have said that, in addition to Black Mirror, Netflix has closed a deal for "at least one more live-action project, and is negotiating the rights to others". There are a dozen or so choices like these throughout the special, perhaps offering a hint at how the streaming service will handle the feature in future interactive content not geared toward children.

According to Bloomberg, the streaming service is now developing a slate of specials that will let viewers choose the next storyline in a TV episode or movie and Black Mirror will be one of the first.

Black Mirror Season 5 is expected in December. The show is famous for exploring the social implications of technology, including an episode where humans jockey to receive higher ratings from their peers. Black Mirror lends itself to that type of idea really well, so it will be very interesting to see how they pull it off.

For Black Mirror's anthology framework it's less of a potential nightmare, but what happens when ongoing series start having to integrate whether or not a certain outcome happened at the end of the last series? Production of the fifth season began earlier this year.

Netflix also is about to release a new animated series based on the popular video game "Minecraft".

As of now, it's still unclear exactly how complex the experience will be and how many decisions the viewer will be able to make. However, if you're not living in fear of those things, then Netflix's foray into interactive television will be considered yet another prospective bellwether multimedia offering that's set to blow your mind. Stay tuned to your own black mirrors for more info in the coming months.

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