Five things you should know about breast cancer

Randy Kelley
October 23, 2018

Premi Mathew, a senior cancer activist and a breast cancer survivor in Dubai, said the entire goal of launching her "Protect Your Mom" campaign was to encourage moms to raise awareness for self-examination and early detection.

Kim Robertson, from Island Park, is fighting the disease and was at the event supported by more than 100 friends and relatives.

To frame the procedures and guidelines, founder of UBF Dr P Raghuram was also appointed member of the high-powered steering committee and Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to guide and form a breast cancer screening strategy for India.

The Trust Hospital is helping to create greater awareness on Breast Cancer prevention, early detection and treatment with its outreach breast screening and education campaigns in the Greater Accra and Eastern Regions.

Another walk will be held next weekend at Suffolk Community College's Riverhead campus.

Steve Barton, senior sales manager at David Wilson Homes Mercia, said: "We are very happy to be supporting wear it pink for breast cancer awareness and I think our construction team have a lot of fun getting to wear pink PPE for the day". Side effects can be unsafe, even life-threatening, and treatment costs more than $100,000 a year.

According to them, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with symptoms of a lump or thickening of the breast, changes of the skin, shape of the breast or the nipple, and bloody discharge from the nipple. Interacting with Telangana Today, Dr Raghuram made it clear that the country has a real challenge on the hand. My mom is the kind of person that doesn't expect anything in return from the people she cares for, so the unwavering love she has received over the past year has been a profoundly humbling experience.

These findings may lead to the first approval by the Food and Drug Administration for an immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer.

Because of charities like Hail's, there are now ways for everyone to become more informed and educated on diseases such as breast cancer.

Drugs called checkpoint inhibitors have transformed treatment of many types of cancer by removing a chemical brake that keeps the immune system from killing tumor cells.

It's a story of two patients, two cases of cancer, an innovative new treatment and a special one-of-a-kind connection between patients.

Mammograms should also be accompanied by a clinical breast exam.

"Over the weekends, we went to the Junction mall and Accra mall to spread the information and examine them there".

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