Flu season starting to impact parts of Florida

Randy Kelley
October 1, 2018

The CDC estimates that there have been between 140,000 and 710,000 flu-related hospitalizations since 2010.

Nodaway County Health Department Public Health Nurse Supervisor Tabitha Frank said past year saw a severe season with a high number of cases and intense symptoms associated with those cases.

Experts are saying it is time to go ahead and get this year's flu vaccination. So far, the flu that's been detected is a milder strain, and early signs are that the vaccine is shaping up to be a good match, Jernigan said.

USA health officials on Thursday are scheduled to hold a media event in Washington, D.C., to stress the importance of vaccinations to protect against whatever flu circulates this coming winter. Shots will be given to ages six months and older for a $5 fee, which can be waived for those unable to pay. "People who have experienced only hives after exposure to egg can get any licensed flu vaccine that is otherwise appropriate for their age and health. 2".

Despite the terrible season last year, overall vaccination coverage remained flat; as in previous years, less than half of the US population was vaccinated. And risk of spreading flu can be reduced with better hygiene and staying home from work and school when sick, he said. If you contract the flu after getting a flu shot, the chances that others will catch it from you are decreased.

The flu typically kills by triggering other deadly conditions such as pneumonia, stroke and heart attack. People with allergies to vaccine ingredients can often receive the vaccine safely, if it is given in a doctor's office where they can be monitored.

Additionally, starting Wednesday, October 3, uninsured adults in Greene County can get a flu vaccine for no cost from the Springfield Flu Coalition-a longstanding partnership between CoxHealth, the Greene County Medical Society, Mercy Springfield and the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, as well as nursing colleges associated with both Cox and Mercy.

"One hundred and eighty families put a child in the grave previous year because of a vaccine-preventable infection", Dr. Swanson added.

You may ask who should get vaccinated, and the answer is EVERYONE who is of age to get the vaccine, as long as it is not contraindicated for you as stated by your physician/medical provider.

The vaccination rate for children was 60 percent. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year.

Following the 2017-2018 flu season, the CDC began using a new methodology for ranking severity of flu seasons. "Someone passed the flu along to them".

Influenza is a serious illness that can lead to hospitalization and even death.

Last year, 180 children died from the flu. Flu vaccine is available everywhere. A preliminary estimate showing last season's vaccine to be about 36 percent effective overall may have convinced some people not to bother, clinicians said.

What about if you're already feeling the flu coming on?

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