Google to close Google+ social networking site

Joshua Bennett
October 11, 2018

Since then, Google has incorporated Smart Replies into more apps directly, and it's even something developers can take advantage of in Android P.

Data is limited to static, optional Google+ Profile fields including name, email address, occupation, gender and age.

Google said it patched the bug in March this year, and Smith said Google found no evidence that any developer was aware of the bug or had abused the API. "Whenever user data may have been affected, we go beyond our legal requirements and apply several criteria focused on our users in determining whether to provide notice".

In the wake of the report, Google has seemingly decided that the platform's time is up and will be shutting down consumer access to the social network. Also the software giant also mentioned that they are no proof whether this bug in the Google+ software was known by any outside developer. Google CEO Sundar Pichai was allegedly briefed on the company's plan not to notify users about the bug. These include more granular Google Account permissions that'll appear in their own individual dialog boxes and updating the User Data Policy for the consumer Gmail API to limit the apps that can seek permission to your consumer Gmail data. The company has stated that the closure will occur over the course of the next 10 months, and following the breach Google has also promised to boost user privacy for its other services.

The Google+ data leak bug was found as part of "Project Strobe", a root-and-branch review of what data developers could access from Google accounts, and Android devices.

Google also announced that, "we can not confirm which users were impacted by this bug".

Google can not confirm which users were specifically impacted by this bug.

Google did not make it clear if the experiment was a success and we'll see the functionality of Reply in other Google apps and services - or if the Reply experiment was a dud and Google is just sweeping it under the rug.

The same month that the bug was discovered, Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data scandal came to light, prompting politicians on both sides of the Atlantic to call for hearings and regulation.

Google said up to 500,000 users had been affected.

The security flaw existed for three years.

Google who has now gone public with the data exposure wrote in a blog post that they found no evidence of data misuse.

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