Here's what you need to know about the new Google Home Hub

Joshua Bennett
October 13, 2018

It's typical for smart displays, but you can't adjust the position of the screen should you want it at more of an angle. Often, the important stuff is buried within several subsections, while the less essential stuff is more prominent. That means users could play music or videos from their smartphone and have it show up on the Google Home Hub.

The "View Rooms" button will show you devices by room. It has a display and you can interact with the display, watch it, touch it and see more details.

There's also no camera on the Google Home Hub, unlike the other smart displays.

Aside from slight software or feature differences between the Google Hub and now available smart displays, the real star is the single, cohesive interface Google is bringing to the smart home here.

So where does that leave the Google Home Hub? So we will see.

On the other hand, as Android Police points out, 10,000 gadgets still pales against Amazon's Alexa who shows support for over 20,000 gadgets. Just like with smartphones, these devices are all an extension of the Android/Qualcomm partnership-they run Android Things on Qualcomm's SD624 Home Hub Platform.

After discovering just how much one can achieve though Smart Speakers, Google is now working with other manufacturers to produce more Smart Displays that will bring more and better features to Smart Speaker users. In simple terms, not HTC but Google itself, designed this year's Pixel phones.

With smart speakers and smart TVs already seeing mainstream adoption, the fully connected smart home no longer seems like a futuristic dream.

The Home Hub uses Google Assistant, allowing users to access the company's YouTube, Search, Photos, Calendar and Maps app from its seven inch screen. The Google Home app helps you get all the details.

Google will offer a "Smart Lighting Starter Kit" which comes with a pre-paired Google Home Mini and a C-Life bulb starting on October 22. Will the kind of people who now use Skype or Apple's FaceTime to keep in touch with family and friends really want a separate screen that does much less than a smartphone or tablet?

Google is also touting "Ambient EQ" for its own Home Hub: The light sensor is tuned to adjust the display brightness better than on the Lenovo and JBL products. And that's exactly what the Google Home Hub is all about.

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