Jamie Lee Curtis reveals battle with opioid addiction

Toby Graves
October 24, 2018

After hauling in $7.7 million on its preview night opening, Halloween was expected to bring in $45 to $55 million during its opening, but it smashed that expectation.

While John didn't receive the accolades that he wanted at the height of his career, thankfully, at least his movies are finally receiving the credit - and box office numbers - they deserve. The latter is super, incredibly exciting, but I have to suspect that there aren't very many of them: a report from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film past year showed that women 50 and older comprised of 13% of movie roles, and sole female protagonists only appeared in 35% of studio features.

Halloween has one more victim to add to its body count: box office records.

While John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween didn't invent the slasher genre (1971's Bay of Blood and 1974's Black Christmas came before it), it help make it a commercial force.

"There is nothing about a horror movie that you can entice me with": Jamie Lee Curtis in Sydney before the Australian premiere of the latest Halloween movie.

"Halloween" made a killing at the box office, prompting its star, Jamie Lee Curtis, to cut right to the horror movie's breakthroughs for women.

The moment was not lost on Curtis, who wrote on Twitter that she was going to limit herself to "one BOAST post". But no matter which style or version your prefer in the franchise, we're ranking every Halloween movie made and sorting them by Tomatometer!

Elsewhere, Fox Searchlight's "Can You Ever Forgive Me?", starring Melissa McCarthy, generated $150,000 when it opened in five locations, averaging a huge $30,000 per screen.

The Hollywood vet - whose parents are Hollywood Golden Age stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh - had an opioid addiction for 10 years, she told People. And the direct sequel to the original's reviews happen to be the franchise's best since that first movie. Meanwhile "A Star Is Born" held on to the second place spot for its third weekend with $19.3 million.

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