Key red state Democratic senator to vote no on Kavanaugh

Larry Hoffman
October 5, 2018

Kavanaugh's chances improved Thursday in the wake of an Federal Bureau of Investigation report on sexual misconduct allegations against him deemed thorough by Republicans Senate leaders and incomplete by Democrats.

Republican senator Chuck Grassley said he received a briefing from staff on the confidential report and says "there's nothing in it that we didn't already know".

He added: "This investigation found no hint of misconduct".

Feinstein said those restrictions raised "serious concerns that this is not a credible investigation and begs the question: What other restrictions has the White House placed on the FBI?".

But Democrats said the five-day inquiry was "incomplete" because it was limited by the White House.

Thousands of protesters have descended on Capitol Hill in Washington to fight the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, the evening before the Senate was due to hold a procedural vote on his nomination, ahead of a final vote on Saturday.

Deborah Ramirez, one of two women who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual abuse, said in an interview that she had been hopeful that her story would be investigated when two agents drove from Denver to Boulder, Colorado, last weekend to interview her at her lawyer's office.

"When the noise fades, when the uncorroborated mud washes away, what's left is the distinguished nominee who stands before us", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor.

"I've changed my views for reasons that have no relationship to his intellectual ability", Stevens said, according to the newspaper.

Earlier, White House spokesman Raj Shah rebuffed Democrats' complaints, saying: "What critics want is a neverending fishing expedition into high school drinking". The FBI interviewed only 10 people.

Despite his performance, Kavanaugh said he can be counted on to be impartial as a judge. "From his record against women's health and autonomy to his record against workplace protections to the sexual assault allegations against him to the anger he displayed to female USA senators". "That is because I forcefully and passionately denied the allegation against me", Kavanaugh wrote in the Journal piece headlined: "I am an independent, impartial judge".

"This great life can not be ruined by mean and despicable Democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations!"

Three women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in separate incidents in the 1980s. Alaska's Lisa Murkowski said she'd read the report.

With Republicans holding a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate, the loss of any two of their senators would doom Kavanaugh. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said on NBC's "Today" show that the remarks were "kind of appalling".

Making things even stranger, Republicans and Democrats had to take turns reviewing the document, with one party's members getting an hour in the room, and the other getting the next hour, and so on. I don't know. But I had one beer.

Ford, now a California psychology professor, has testified that when the drunken Kavanaugh attacked her, she believed he was trying to rape her.

The Kavanaugh fight has riveted Americans weeks before November 6 elections in which Democrats are trying to take control of Congress from the Republicans. "Well, do you think it was - nope, it was one beer", Trump said at a campaign rally in MS, questioning what Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee during testimony last week.

Professors from Harvard, where Kavanaugh previously taught, and Yale, Kavanaugh's alma mater, have also signed the letter.

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