Migrant Caravan's Arduous Journey Through Central America Toward U.S

Larry Hoffman
October 20, 2018

A caravan of 3,000 migrants is moving north through Central America and toward the USA southern border - on a collision course with the midterm elections, as yet another factor that could sway voters.

As the sun rose, a military helicopter could be seen overhead, foreshadowing the difficulties that migrants will have as they try to reach the U.S.

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In a series of tweets sent out early Thursday, President Donald Trump said he would use American troops close the border with Mexico to stop the flow of a caravan of migrants heading north.

The migrant caravan is now stopped on a bridge linking the two countries as a police barricade set up by Mexico is blocking them from entering.

Illegal immigration is likely to be a top issue in November 6 United States congressional elections, when Democrats are seen as having a good chance of gaining control of the House of Representatives from Mr Trump's fellow Republicans.

Illegal immigration is likely to be a top issue in November 6 USA congressional elections.

Hundreds of federal police in riot gear fanned out on the global bridge in Suchiate, on the Mexican-Guatemalan border, as the caravan of several thousand Honduran migrants trekked toward the crossing.

"They should be ashamed for pushing an open borders agenda and are only doing this for strictly political reasons", she said in a statement.

"There is nothing there", Orellana said.

Hundreds of other members of the caravan who are lagging behind are expected to join the group that is gathered at the border. Before dawn Friday, the migrants made a decision to wait a few more hours for stragglers to arrive.

Some plan to make a valley-like formation, with men walking to the sides and women and children walking in the middle.

Some migrants are now forming lines on the bridge while others are sitting down and preparing for a long wait.

Jonathan Guzman, a 22-year-old from El Salvador, said he had dreams of working in construction in Los Angeles.

Mexico's foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump has made it clear to Mexico that he is monitoring its response.

More than 3,000 migrants are demanding they be let into Mexico, and ultimately through to the U.S., with many heard chanting "We want to work!".

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the USA, line up to enter a migrant shelter in Guatemala City, Guatemala October 17, 2018.

Mexican officials say the Hondurans won't be allowed to enter as a group, and would either have to show a passport and visa - something few have - or apply individually for refugee status, a process that can mean waiting for up to 90 days for approval.

A caravan of some 3,000 migrants fleeing Honduras is continuing to walk north to the U.S. border, as Trump threatened to deploy the military and close the U.S. -Mexico border.

Videgaray noted that 1 million people transit the border legally every day, and about $1 million in commerce crosses every minute.

The latest focus is on more than 2,000 Hondurans who left last Saturday from the city of San Pedro Sula.

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