Top US general survives attack by Afghan bodyguard

Larry Hoffman
October 19, 2018

Meanwhile, Pakistan on Thursday strongly condemned the terrorist attack resulting in the death of senior Kandahar security officials and causing injuries to many others, reported Geo News.

Three Americans - a service member and two civilian workers - were wounded in the shooting, said U.S. Col. Knut Peters, a spokesman for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops in Afghanistan.

Col. Peters says one servicemember, one US Civilian, and 1 Coalition contractor was hurt.

The attack comes ahead of parliamentary elections Saturday, which the Taliban has threatened to disrupt.

"Gen. Miller is unhurt", said Peters.

PM Khan also said that Pakistan suffered similar attacks during its own electoral process and could feel the pain of the people of the neighbouring country.

Provincial police spokesman Salam Afghan confirmed the explosion had killed one person and wounded at least two.

In January a year ago, the visiting ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, five other UAE diplomats and some local officials were killed by explosives hidden in a government building in Kandahar.

The attack comes just days after the Taliban and the Afghan government said USA envoy Zalmay Khalilzad met with Taliban officials in Qatar to discuss a peace deal with the terror group. "Afghanistan lost a patriot, my condolences to the people of Afghanistan", said Miller, the top US Forces and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commander in Afghanistan.

Two American troops were wounded in the assault, while Afghan police Chief Abdul Raziq was killed.

"We stabilized and treated the wounded and secured the area", said Butler, adding that Miller made sure the scene was secure and the wounded were taken away by medivac before he left the area and returned to Kabul. But the local commander of the NDS intelligence service and the Kandahar provincial governor Zalmay Wesa were also killed.

More than 50,000 members of Afghanistan's already overstretched security forces are being deployed to protect polling centres on election day.

Pashtun said an Afghan military corps commander was also among the dead, although he didn't name him.

Abdul Jabar Qahraman had been meeting with supporters in his campaign office in the southern province of Helmand - a Taliban stronghold - when a bomb hidden under a sofa exploded, provincial governor spokesman Omar Zhwak told AFP.

The shooting in Kandahar continued a surge in violence across Afghanistan ahead of parliamentary elections Saturday.

When the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Raziq helped defeat the Taliban in the south and was later appointed a district police chief.

The attack on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation convoy came at the end of a particularly violent day across Afghanistan as tensions are rising ahead of the country's parliamentary elections on Saturday.

The attack was a massive blow ahead of the elections, an analyst said.

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