Trump tells AP he won't accept blame if GOP loses House

Larry Hoffman
October 18, 2018

The Republican Club, by artist Andy Thomas, was in the background as Trump conducted a recent interview with 60 Minutes, the same one where he said climate change will change back again.

The painting shows a smiling, relaxed Trump sitting between Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, directly across from Abraham Lincoln.

Although most of the former presidents in the painting have since died, it does including living father and son presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush.

"We're stuck with these people, and I don't want a chain", Trump said of some people who've come to the U.S. via such family reunification.

Reports of how poorly the Republican Party is doing with female voters have been circulating among party officials for almost a year, but based on his language, President Trump does not appear to be greatly concerned about that.

"I'm not running", he said.

Mr Trump's likeness has been ruthlessly disfigured by "high" and "low" artists alike, who have made no secret of their dislike of the President.

"Particularly in 2017, the deregulation started everywhere across the board ... and I think that started this push and started the small business push and the blue collar hiring", he told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on "Varney & Co." from the White House. There are drinks. Looks like Trump is drinking a Diet Coke.

But some Trump administration officials have said the policy, under which some 2,600 children were separated from their parents, was needed to secure the border and deter illegal immigration.

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Thomas said Trump's smile was particularly hard to create, because he wanted it to look genuine.

Previously talking to Time magazine, Thomas pointed out that he had also added a nod to feminism, as he put it, in his painting - the blurred image of a woman approaching the table out of the crowd. He painted "The Republican Club", which features the current president and his GOP predecessors and which is hanging in the White House. So I posted a picture of President Obama with the red curtains behind him, and I wrote a caption that just said something like, "Kind of like the old curtains better.' And I guess it was a double meaning in my mind but I didn't know how people would react whether they would get it".

President Donald Trump says he's selected Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone to serve as his next White House counsel.

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