Unboxing of Apple’s new colorful iPhone XR

Joshua Bennett
October 28, 2018

Last year I bought my Apple iPhone X using the T-Mobile Jump On Demand program so upgrading to a new phone this year was a simple option with a small price to pay. Launched about a month after the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR has a starting price of $749.

As with the XS's dual-cameras, the XR's software was largely able to pick out the photo's human subject and clearly define it against a blurred background, though, like the other phones, it did have some issues defining edges and fuzzy hair. And it's already hard to sit down if you have an iPhone 8 Plus in your jeans pocket. This new touch interaction mode feature came into the Apple ecosystem with the iPhone 6S, but after analysing four years of consumer behaviour data, it's clear this feature has been woefully underused. But the reality is that it is a very well thought out phone which, on many levels, is a better iPhone than the iPhone XS. That isn't to conclude that the iPhone XR isn't good enough but almost all company makes a smaller end device that can be of budget friendly to their customers just in case they want something of that caliber and the truth is the lesser the price, the lesser the features to be counted. Fix costs will be slightly cheaper on the XR than on the XS models.

iFixit has begun their teardown of Apple's iPhone XR, which launched today in Canada and other countries worldwide.

The second big difference from the XS is that the screen is lower-resolution than either of the iPhone XS models (even the smaller one). If I don't charge my iPhone XS Max at work, it was usually limping in the red if I got home past 8 p.m. or so. The iPhone XR also has longer rated battery life than the iPhone XS and XS Max.

For the 2018 iPhone lineup, Apple is sticking with is three models a year strategy. Given how much flak Apple has taken in that department, that would be something.

We all know that iPhone is the key product of the whole Apple Group. Instead of the Listen Now section, you can choose specific podcasts you may want available when you go workout or go for a walk away from your phone.

Market research also showed that the iPhone XS series generated much better results than the iPhone 8 series a year ago. As always, it is not only more expensive counterparts, but more expensive than most iPhone XR in the civilized world - the price to be much higher prices in the United States, and the reasons, of course, were not disclosed.

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