A Breaking Bad film is coming

Toby Graves
November 8, 2018

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is working on a two-hour-long film. It's also not yet clear if the original cast is back - though it's hard to imagine any Breaking Bad film without series stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, both of whom have repeatedly said in interviews they'd be down for returning to the franchise (presumably on spin-off Better Call Saul).

Gilligan will be at the helm and also serve as executive producer alongside Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein - both of whom worked on Breaking Bad and the spin-off.

Breaking Bad starred Cranston as chemistry teacher Walter White, who turned to manufacturing meth after being diagnosed with cancer.

Production on the project, which is said to be operating under the codename "Greenbrier", is expected to get underway in New Mexico sometime in November.

The THR report's only detail on the movie's story notes that it's "said to follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom".

There's not much information on when the film will be set - so whether it will take the story up as a sequel like Netflix hit Better Call Saul, or if it'll be a prequel or simply a Breaking Bad universe spin off.

It's also not apparent if the film would be released in cinemas or go straight to television. Cranston's character, Walter White, died at the end of that show.

Well, that tracks. This just about the only thing that would've made sense, given that leaked logline, one of the few dangling Breaking Bad plot threads that might sustain an entire film.

Gilligan has previously stated that he left Jesse's story open on goal so that fans could decide what would actually happen to him after the series ended.

He signed a three-year agreement with Sony Pictures Television in July, which raises the possibility that the "Breaking Bad" project may be destined for TV.

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